Uber working towards pacifying it’s drivers


Many Uber drivers have been seen liking the flexibility of their work but have been seen giving a list of complaints. Some of these complaints include the requirement of more payment, employee benefits, etc. on the other side, Uber has been making its drivers happy by providing more control in their request rides, instruction of fines for the people who make the drivers wait for long along with the discounts on the rides.
Following are some of the features that are sure to make the Uber drivers happy:
Uber focuses on removing out some of the pain points for its drivers. Many updates towards the driver facing app were directed in many markets and have now been mounted in a number of cities in a wider fashion.
Uber is extending its feature of ‘destinations’. This is a feature that helps the drivers to pick and drop the customers along a particular route. The drivers who are moving in a particular direction can update their destination in the app and Uber will send them the consumer’s request rides belonging from that direction. The requests that are different from the route they are moving to can easily be rejected. This is one of the most convenient features that has turned every driver into an Uber driver.
If the driver is busy filling the gas or has to use a washroom before they accept a new customer, they can easily sign off so that they do not receive any request during that particular time. this feature helps the drivers easily decline requests without getting affected on their ratings.
Another trending feature of Uber is the finance management facility given to its drivers. The company has provided the drivers with debit cards (being in partnership with GoBank). This helps the drivers manage their finance efficiently.
Uber is finally developing a technology of self-driving cars. It is giving its best in making the Uber drivers happy.

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