Uber Introduces UberPOOL in 3 more Cities in India


The US-located cab service Uber, on Friday pronounced that it will extend its carpooling service to three more cities in India on June 5. The cities that were taken into consideration were Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai.
The carpooling service initially was introduced in India six months back, is presently available in Delhi and Bengaluru.
“This service uberPOOL enables people going the same way at the same time to share their journey — bringing carpooling at the tap of a button. More people in fewer cars means cheaper rides for passengers and less congestion over time,” said President of Uber India Amit Jain to PTI.
He also said if considering the introduction of uberPOOL in Delhi and Bengaluru, 25 per cent of the entire trips in both the cities work on uberPOOL.
Uber’s local competitor, Ola also has an identical service known as ‘Ola Share’ that helps travelers to carpool to get inexpensive rides.
Amit Jain, President of Uber India also stated that “Apart from reducing congestion and pollution in our cities over time, uberPOOL also means results in riders having to pay less and drivers spending less idle time between rides.
It is an easy yet strong and effective model of how we can use technology to revolutionize our cities, Since the start of this year, uberPOOL riders in India have cut the number of kilometers driven down by seven million, which translates to over 300,000 liters of fuel saved… In Delhi and Bengaluru, over 50,000 riders are opting to share their trip via uberPOOL each week”.
The company said an approximated 798 metric tons of CO2 diffusion cut have been gained with travelers using uberPOOL.
At a global stage, more than 1 lakh people do pooling on Uber every week in over 11 cities, along with New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai. In China, the number of uberPOOL trips has risen to more than 30 million per month.

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