TomTom releases FREE Map Update Service for its portable navigation devices range in India

TomTom, the global leader in GPS navigation and digital mapping, today announced the release of its latest and most updated maps for India.

TomTom is offering a free map update service for all TomTom VIA series devices upon validation.

“With TomTom, consumers are assured of the most comprehensive and updated maps of India. With the launch of this free service, these maps are updated every quarter, and put more information on a driver’s fingertips. This enables a smarter and more powerful navigational experience for them,” said the company release.

The maps are user friendly and easy to download from MyTomTom with no complicated file management processes involved. TomTom’s free software application enables customers to efficiently manage, and personalize their content and services.

The new maps contain the most up-to-date information, which includes details and street coverage of over 5,000 cities.

“With the launch of these best-in-class maps and services, TomTom continues to deliver the highest quality of products, combined with ease of use and perfect after sale experience,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, General Manager and Senior Vice-President of TomTom India.

He added that the updated maps ensure all TomTom users of the most accurate navigational experience in India, regardless of when they purchased the products.

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