The Chiapas, Zapatistas and The Maoists: Notes of an Indian Bourgeoisie Traveler

As I sit in TierrAdentro waiting for my sandwich I wonder what makes the Zapatistas so popular in the public imagination while in contrast the image of the Maoists we’ve in India is one very estranged, ostracized, asocial. TierrAdentro is a cultural center-cum-café – and of course the most in restaurant in San Cristobol de […]

National Advisory Council to finalize draft food security law, mulls Communal Violence Bill and Maoist

The National Advisory Council headed by Sonia Gandhi is looking forward to finalize a draft food security law incorporating its suggestion of differential legal entitlement of foodgrains to nearly 800 million people through a reformed PDS network. The NAC had recommended having differential legal entitlements of foodgrains. The NAC had also decided to set aside […]