Royal Australian Navy has a new look uniform

The Royal Australian Navy is set to introduce a new two-piece fire-retardant uniform, complete with improved safety boots.

Much of the design for the replacement Navy uniform derives from the land warfare version introduced in the mid-90s by the Australian Army. The two-piece uniform will align with other ADF combat uniforms in its use of the Australian Camouflage (AUSCAM) pattern, but will be unique to Navy in terms of the littoral colours used and the addition of reflective tape on the upper arms.

RAN New Uniform

The Royal Australian Navy’s new two-piece fire-retardant uniform, complete with improved safety boots.

There are tangible benefits in moving to a two-piece uniform in terms of health, comfort and morale. The ability to ‘relax’ the level of dress, depending on the nature of the operation, is seen as advantageous in combating heat related illness and it will provide both male and female personnel at sea with an enhanced practical contemporary uniform, distinct to Navy.

RAN New Uniform

Side View of the uniform

Sixty thousand sets of the uniform are required for the initial delivery to the RAN and this represents a $13m dollar injection into the Australian Textile and Manufacturing industries.

Rollout of the new two-piece fire retardant operational uniform will commence mid-2008.



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