Ola launches a B2B app- ‘Ola Operator’


Ola, a taxi cumulating company has made additions to the technology solutions for its auto entrepreneur environment. It launched a new B2B app ‘Ola Operator’ which is erected for benefiting the fleet owners and entrepreneurs. This is to technologically upgrade and consolidate their working.

Anand Subramanian, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications department at Ola says “There were many drivers on our network who moved on from driving one car to owning their second, third and fourth. While they got to this point by handling their fleets in a primitive manner, it will not get them to the point where they want to be some years down. This app is built for three parties- all those vehicles who are looking to, or have turned into entire fleet owners and entrepreneurs and want to scale; existing operators who own cars but employ drivers to work on the platform; and lastly, to all the aspiring entrepreneurs, salaried employees like you and me, who want to monetise their vehicles by pledging them as Ola Cabs, who may hire drivers to do the needful with minimal time commitment of their own.”

“Entrepreneurs are key to our mission of building mobility for a billion Indians. Tens of thousands of driver-partners who joined us with a single car have grown with us to become operators, owning many cars over the years. We believe that the technology needs for entrepreneurs to succeed at scale are different than what helped them grow as driver-partners.” said Sumit Tuteja, Senior Director-Product, Ola restating the pledge the company had made to aid the entrepreneurs.

The company aims to bring in regulations to manage a sole vehicle to a huge fleet that an entrepreneur might own by serving them with actual time tracking and work at the touch of a button.

The app, was launched on Play Store and initiated formally, being beta tested for two to three weeks with the company’s current operators for response and improvisations.


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  1. Suchetan June 4, 2016 at 6:22 am - Reply

    ola has made it more convenient for its customerS. This was a nice article!

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