Meerut Development Authority approves Delhi to Meerut Rapid Rail Transit System

The Meerut Development Authority says that it has approved the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS). There is a change is the project. Shastri Nagar will host the new station and not Victoria park as proposed before. Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut route is approximately 67 km long. In Delhi it will begin from Anand Vihar.

As per the larger proposal to develop regional rail corridors, the railway lines will be laid parallel to the existing rail lines. The inter-city corridor will be allowed to go into the city as required and then rejoin the existing track.

The project is pegged at approximately Rs 3000 crores and scheduled to be finished by 2013. The project will begin after the approval from the government.

RRTS is expected to have specially designed trains and the corridors will be linked to the metro railway and bus services.

The project was suggested by the Union Urban Development Ministry and the National Capital Regional Planning Board after they had conducted a study on ‘Integrated Transportation Plan for the NCR’ with the perspective year as 2032.

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  1. Faraz Alam

    I hope this project will be implemented soon…..Government should give it a ‘Go-Ahead’ signal so as to provide benefits to the residents of the cities lying in between Delhi and Meerut (apart from these 2 cities).
    Most of the times the Government of Uttar Pradesh fails to finalize or implement the project for a long period of time and sometimes it even drops down the plan of a good project….recent example is International Airport at Meerut.
    There are many other projects which are lying with the state government for approvals.

  2. vimal

    Every Projects are approved very fast but actual implementation is very slow and sometimes projects are dropped due to the slow work. Hope this project will be implemented fast . Meerut is waiting for development and progress since long time .

  3. Ravi Garg

    Meerut city comes under NCR area but not recieved any benefits from govt. , meerut is also highly populated city, so i think this is very good planning from HSRT. If it approves then meerut people covers delhi distance within 1& half hours. I hope this project will be implemented very soon.

  4. Sandeep

    So good idea but now we have seen many project announced like International Airport, Upper Gang Canal Expressway, Export City, Ring Road and many others but on ground nil butte sannata, only making project report (DPR) nobody takeing interest for meerut devlopment, now these days no big name in meerut industry desktop, only sports houses are here, we all residence of Meerut take a serious action for Meerut if we want realy devlopmewnt for us, our city, our state and Nation. no plan for meerut devlopment from Municipal Corp, MDA or other agency why ? City bus service not like a Metro it like a rural areas, you may also seen other Metro find differance, no Goverment Institute like Engr College, Research Centre and other. there are many issue for disscuss now lets fo for Clean Meerut and Green Meerut Thanks

  5. vinod

    now meerut is so close to delhi by u sing new hiddon roads take almost 50 minuet from anandvihar but croossing of modi ngar is to hetic due to encorgement . request to authority to clean the same

  6. Bani Singh

    Very Good project , It will reduce the travel time between Delhi /Ghaziabad and Meerut, Hence Connectivity between Delhi -Meerut will improve, it boost business,Industrial development & overall development of Meerut City.

    Lets hope for ” Better future of Meerut “.

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