Litening pod tested on LCA Tejas

The Tejas LCA programme received a major fillip with the first successful flight test using the ‘Litening’ pod which can provide the pilot with day and night pictures of terrain, laser ranging and laser spot seeking (LDP). In a flawless flight on 10 Dec 07, Prototype Vehicle-2 took off with the LDP at around 1630 hrs and completed a landmark flight in which all test objectives were achieved.

Litening pod on LCA

Litening pod on LCA

Wg Cdr N Tiwari of the National Flight Test centre flew the flight. Wg Cdr M Prabhu as the Test Director, RS Rao, Project Direct (Systems) and JJ Jhadhav, Deputy Project Director were present at the telemetry station to monitor the performance. The performance is as per the design.

Tejas PV-1

Tejas PV-1

The LCA Team consisting members from IAF, HAL-ARDC ADA, CEMILAC and DG-AQA have together worked for several months to make this success in the first attempt. Carriage of the LDP confers a significant precision strike capability to the Tejas in conjunction with laser guided bombs or what are commonly referred to as “smart bombs”.




  1. the picture shown is not of LCA but of another aircraft probably mirage

  2. Mirage intakes are aligned to the wings and not below wings. Other aircraft in IAF do not have similar Intakes. This intake is peculiar to LCA.

  3. Hi all,

    This picture is indeed the Tejas, LCA. Amit, Like FIDSNS says, air intakes are at different places. The tejas, is a fair better aircraft than Mirage series. Mark 2 will have have larger wings, and you will see a a-a missile at its wing tip. The aircraft will look similar to f-16xl. So…India might have taken longer time than expected…it has indeed laid a perfect foundation to future aircraft’s…enjoy!

  4. Akhiyon se Goli maare says:

    Another example of HAL’s inefficiency. The company hasn’t been able to learn from previous tenders which have included ToT “Transfer of Technology”.

    The project is 22 years old, and all the HAL could come up with ,was the Airframe. We still need importing – Avionics ,Radar ,Engine.

    Oh forgot to mention “Missiles” as well.
    Lage raho HAL.

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