Korean LIG Nex1 submits proposal for sale of Chiron MANPADs to India

LIG Nex1 Co, a South Korean weapons manufacturer, has submitted a request to sell its man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) Chiron to India. The very short range anti-aircraft missile (VSHORAD) Chiron ((Named “Shin-Gung” means “God’s Bow” in Korea), is designed and manufactured with Korean technology and boasts of an accuracy rate of over 95 percent. First deployed in 2005, the 14.4 Kg missile has a range of 7 Kms and can operate at an altitude of 3.5 Kms.

Speaking to Frontier India, Minsu Kim, a Director of LIG Nex1 liaison office in Delhi said “It is great to have a chance to introduce our MANPAD solution, Chiron in India Market.”

The manufacturers say that the preperation time for launch of the missile in less than 3 seconds. The missile has a velocity greater than 700 meters / second. The weight of the warhead is 2.5 Kg and it uses 2 colour IR seeker. The Chiron MANPADs receives the target information from the sensor system and transmits the information of position and engagement status to the Target Data Receiver (TDR)

Shin-Gung / Chiron MANPAD
Shin-Gung / Chiron MANPAD

which has GPS function built-in to the system. Based on the above target information the VSHORAD system is able to provide target information before the target is within the engagement distance of the MANPADs. This integration of the sensor and C3 system increases the kill probability of the Chiron MANPADs and also increases the effectiveness of the point air defense. The Chiron MANPADs has a Pedestal type launcher, but it still has similar mobility as Shoulder Type’s by two crews members due to its light weight and compact size. The missile has an “arming key” to check unauthorized users such as terrorists.

On being asked about the strong comptetion from other established international companies, Minsu Kim said “we are banking on our quality. Our products are in use in Korean Peninsula which is always in a state of readiness.”

On long term outlook, Minsu Kim said “LIG Nex 1 is looking at other tenders and it is premature to comment about it now. LIG Nex1 is a strong total battle field solution provider and they will focus on their most specialty solutions such like Missiles, torpedos and Underwater surveilance systems in the first phase of Indian defence market development. LIG Nex1 is willing to invest in Indian market and confirm to Indian MoD DPP procedures, although the offset s will take some time as we are new to the market.”

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  1. Prithvi

    We should go in for Korean technology as they have access to the latest American technology and expertise. Plus diversification is good for national security. Only MANPADS that are made in India however should be used because during war we can’t ask the Koreans to ship us 10,000 MANPADs on short notice.

  2. Awadhesh

    We may give it a look if it suits and meets our special forces requirements or just to bug the Chinese.

  3. Ari, Finland

    This Chiron missile system looks good VSHORAD system and the public information of it sounds good: day/night capabilities, IFF etc.

    Finnish army needs to replace some 2000 Russian made infra red aimed SA-14 an SA-16 missiles shortly. Finland has requested information about existing systems through EDA (European Defence Agency) from manufacturers now in 2011, possible deliveries starting in 2015. I have read speculations that possible options are:
    – French Mistral 2 or newer version (infra red)
    – U.S. Stinger (infra red)
    – UK Starstreak (laser)
    – South Korean Chiron (infra red)
    – Polish Grom (infra red)
    – Russian SA-18 (infra red)
    – Chinese HN-5 (infra red)

    My best guess is that Russians will be out, probably also Chinese. Grom and Chiron are very interesting: pricing would be such that makes big quantities (+1000-2000 missiles) possible for Finland having about 250.000 men reservists army in 2015 (today 350.000).
    In mye eyes Mistral and Stinger are strongest contenders in political terms, however most likely much more expensive than Grom and Chiron. Besides, the USA has quite strict attitude towards selling MANPADS today so you never know would USA sell or let EADS Germany sell Stangers to Finland.

    Other MANDPADS in Finland include: Finnish navy have since early 1990’s Mistral 2 systems (infra red aimed) and Finnish army has since 2000’s RBS-70 systems + Bolide missiles (laser guided).

    It will be interesting see, will India buy Chiron in the future.

  4. John, Kr

    Mistral is costly compared to Chiron.

    Chiro has a 7km distance /3.5 altitude. Mistral has 6.5 km / 3 km altitude. Chiron is 14.4 KG, Mistral is 18.5 Kg. Mistral is bulkier 92 mm diameter )Chiron some 80mm. Chiro features dual thrust propulsion.

    Chiron acceleration is some 700 mters per sec or greater. Mistral has max of 880 m/s. Mistral has higher warhead weight of 3 kg (chiron 2.5 kg) which makes a lot of difference.

    In a final tally, Chiron has better range and altitude at lesser weight. Mistral is bulky and weighty and has better acceleration and 1/2 kg more warhead.

    Over all, Chiron should be a better buy.

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