Kaveri engine gathers momentum

New Delhi: In an exclusive to Frontier India (FIDSNS), Gas Turbine Research Engine (GTRE) has described its future plans with Kaveri engine project. The Kaveri project has progressed significantly over last few years. The project has now been conceived on two different platforms: K9+ Program and the K 10 Program.

K9 + Program

This program has been conceptualized with a view to prove the concept of complete design and gain hand-on experience of aircraft engine integration and flight trials to cover a defined truncated flight envelope prior to the launch of production version of K10 Std. engine. This exercise would generate a great deal of confidence in the minds of entire scientific community of GTRE and associated work centers. The PDC for K9+ is June 2008. As compared to final Kaveri Engine, K9+ engine has more weight, slightly lower After Burner thrust as compared to the design intent. At the moment, GTRE has been able to achieve and demonstrate the required dry thrust at Bangalore condition consistently. The various prototypes of the engine are undergoing various engine level tests, safety related tests, component level tests, endurance tests which are mandatory before first flight of the K9 + engine with PV1 of LCA. The core engine (Kabini engine) has been planned to be sent to CIAM Russia for altitude tests by end Aug 2007. The official Altitude Test and Flying Test Bed for K9+ engines is planned for Nov 2007. All this will culminate in integrating the Kaveri K9 + engine with PV1 followed by first interim flight by June 2008.

Kaveri Engine

Kaveri Engine Under Testing at GTRE (Click to expand)

K 10 program

This programme has been planned now to be progressed embedding Joint Venture (JV) partnership with one of the selected engine houses ie. either NPO Saturn, Russia or SNECMA, France. Presently, Technical Evaluation of the proposals are on-going. After completion of Technical Evaluation, Price Negotiation Committee Meeting is to be organized for selecting the JV partner. The engine which will be developed under Joint Partnership will be the engine for its fitment in the ‘LCA’.

K-10 programme is for the final production standard Kaveri engine. Compared to K9 + engine, this will have less weight and more reheat thrust along with certain other changes to meet the original design intent.

The Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine Project

Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine is a derivative of Aero version of Kaveri Engine. This derived engine will be used for Ship Propulsion. The technology demonstration for KMGT has already been completed and 1st phase of testing was also completed at user’s place i.e. Indian Navy at Naval Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam ND (V), where GTRE demonstrated the shaft power generation of 3.2 MW (limited power generation due to non-availability of power turbine blades of required material). However at GTRE test bed, the Kaveri Marine Gas Generator has already been tested generating power to the extent of 10.6 MW. This will be further ascertained during 2nd Phase of testing of Gas Generator along with Power Turbine (i.e. full KMGT) after the power turbine blades of required material are available in Aug 2007. The 2nd Phase of testing will be completed at ND (V) in Dec 2007.

Kaveri Marine Engine

KMGT Engine under testing at Naval Dockyard, Vishakhapatnam
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