Indian Navy to get 4 more Kolkata Class destroyers

The Cabinet Committee for Security has cleared the follow on order for the Rs 35,000 crore Kolkata Class destroyers. Four more of the Kolkata Class destroyers / Project 15 B will be constructed in the Mumbai’s Mazgaon Docks. The Project 15 B ships are estimated to enter service by 2017.

Back in May 2000, the India had approved construction of three units of the Project 15A Kolkata Class destroyer. These ships were the follow on to the Type 15 Delhi Class destroyer. The three ships built under Project 15 A , namely INS Kolkata, INS Kochi and INS Chennai are undergoing sea trials. INS Kolkata is expected to be commissioned by 2012.

Project 15 B differs from Project 15 A becuase of the “flush deck.” Flush Deck enable stealth as its smooth with less angles and corners. The displacement of each Project 15 B will be 7000 tonnes. except weaponry, which will be imported, the ship will be totally indigenous. It is also expected to carry Nirbhat and Brahmos – II cruise missiles. In addition It may feature Barak -II for sir defence. As with most Indian design, the ship will operate two helicopters.

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  1. Ajay Singh

    Good news indeed. The Indian Navy ought to ideally have a force of 12-14 destroyers i.e. with the Delhi class, 15A and 15B ships we need at least another 3 ships. Great to see the Navy developing and using Indian weapon systems, in marked contrast to the Army and Air Force who seem to have perennial problems with indigenously developed tanks and fighters – possibly because in their case there is a ‘them and us’ relationship with the DRDO whereas the Navy has designed and developed its own ships and worked with the shipyards to have them built.

  2. Victor

    Four of the P15B is too less. Must be raised to about 10 and then when the last 5 being inducted, we must decomission the Rajput class destroyers.

  3. amit

    We should look at exporting these platforms as well so that in the long run they can also mean some business to the shipyards and foriegn exchange to the country. Also, the ships that are being inducted should be designed for blue water capability ie. long time away fm shores . and so must have facilities such as
    1. Gyms for training Commando teams/ Crew
    2. Internet facility
    3. Telephone facility
    4. Habitabilty top notch with world class maritime grade products used.

    I hope nepotism in award of contracts doesn’t mar this class as well like the Beas class and other ships fm GRSE which are notorious in Navy for their substandard products.

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