Indian Army tests Brahmos Block III version supersonic cruise missile

India today Block III version of Brahmos with advanced guidance and upgraded software, incorporating high maneuvers at multiple points and steep dive from high altitude was flight tested successfully from Launch Complex III at Integrated Test Range, Chandipur at 10:55hrs.

All Telemetry, Tracking stations including naval ships near terminal point have confirmed the mission success. The launch was executed from a

Brahmos Block III

Brahmos Block III

Mobile Autonomous Launcher by the trained Army Personnel. DRDO scientists, who have significantly contributed for this advanced guidance system were thrilled to see the supersonic maneuvers of the missile in the real time display, proving their immense effort.

The flight witnessed by high ranking officials of the Army, expressed their happiness to have such high potential weapon system in the Army. Dr. A Sivathannu Pillai, CC R&D (DRDO) & CEO, MD Brahmos Aerospace has confirmed from the Block House the successful mission
and described it as a “text book launch”.




  1. Kiran Teredesai says:

    I am proud of it.

  2. Karthick Manohar says:

    Let our enemies know that we are becoming stronger and also the super powers know that we are also capable of building our own and no more dependent on them……..Bharat matha ki jai ..

  3. chaitanya says:

    meera bharat mahaan…………..
    a good slap for pakistan and china…………

  4. Robert Mathew says:

    Positive signs of emerging India. The day these missiles are availed to the defence forces is a day of joy that will proclaim India to the world. While the news confirm India’s ability, to fulfil India’s strategic advancement needs a clear and unbiased vision. Although India does not harbour any intension of expansion of her territory, there are neighbours who enviously look at India with malicious strategic thrust into Kashmir and Arnachal Pradesh. The weakness of India to clearly define her boarders with her neighbours coupled with a lack of military power to assert herself have left a legacy of turmoil that India today struggles to resolve. 1971 provided India a golden opportunity to evolve as a power which India missed. The development within three to four decades around India is hugh which entailed India for a cold start in two frontal confrontation. India needs to double up her arsonel if that is the criteria that Indian defence should be based. A strong army, navy and air force is the need of the hour. In fifteen years India need to innovate new technology to compete with the developed world as they will not be sleeping. Stealth is the mantra in wars in the future. India must develop this capability together with numbers.

  5. it is very good but not enough .china has more weapon

  6. This fire controlled system was designed by my company….

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