India to test Layered Missile Defence

India is all set to test layered missile defence in December 2008. This test will involve 2 Ballastic Missile interceptors intercepting a single modified Prithvi Missile. The first interception will take place at an distance of 80 km altitude. The second interception will take place at the distance of 30 kms altitude. The 80 Km or exo-atmospheric intercepter is expected to hit the incoming missile and the 30 Km or the endo-atmospheric interceptor will try to destroy the largest surviving debris.

Indian has so far tested exo-atmospheric and endo-atmospheric interceptors in stand alone modes.

On 6th December 2007 DRDO carried out the 2nd launch of a Single Stage Interceptor Missile against an incoming ballistic missile target of enemy represented by a modified Prithivi Missile. The Endo-Atmospheric Interceptor (AAD) intercepted a modified Prithvi Missileat 15 km altitude. On 27 Nov 2006, exo atmospheric test, Prithvi Air Defence Exercise (PADE), intercepted a modified Prithvi-II Missile at an altitude of 50 km.

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