IAF initiates process for inducting Akash and Trishul SAM’s

Akash has successfully demonstrated its functioning, accuracy and consistency through number of flight tests. As far as Air Force is concerned, they are reasonably satisfied and have initiated the process for induction. Army is insisting on mobility trials under summer desert conditions followed by repeat flight trials for consistency and confidence. The orders from Army are expected to follow soon after. Akash now features a 55kg Pre fragmented Mark –III warhead. Radio proximity fuse for Akash has been developed. A number of integrated warhead and SAM flight trials to assess dynamic performance of warhead, SAM and target interception capabilities of the missile systems in various attack modes were conducted satisfactorily.

Akash Air force launcher completed technical, mobility for flight trials. It now features All electro servo drive system for fully automated and remote operation.

Composite technology for Akash includes radome assemblies, booster liners, ablative liners, sustainer liners, compression moulded wings and fins.

Multiple targets handling capability of Akash weapon system was demonstrated by live firing in C4I environment. Two Akash missiles were launched, guided and they intercepted two fast moving targets in simultaneous engagement mode back in 2005. 3-D central acquisition radar (3-D car) group mode performance is also fully established.

The Qualitative Requirements of Trishul SAM for the three Services have gone through substantial change which has lead to entirely different class of short range surface to air missile system. Having put in maximum effort to realize the Air Force version, Air Force is considering induction in small quantity to meet their partial requirement of such class of surface to air missile systems.

Trishul now has an enhanced range of 11.5 km and engagement altitude of 5 km for the IAF version.The range capability was enhanced 25% with the help of miniaturization of package and improving performance of rocket motor. Trishul also has preformed fragmentation warheads for the aerial warhead.



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