IAF’S AWACS to be fielded in Ex-Indradhanush 2010

Indian and UK Air Forces are going to participate in Ex-Indradhanush. The venue is Air Force Station Kalaikunda, in West Midinapur district, West Bengal. It will last from 18 Oct 2010 till 03 Nov 2010. Royal Air force is going to field its Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, AWACS (E-3D) and Air to Air refuellers (VC-10). The IAF will filed SU-30 MKI, Mirage 2000s, Mig 27s and Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems(AWACS) Aircraft.

According to the Air Marshal KK Nohwar, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Air Command “the exercise Indradhanush is an opportunity for both the Air Forces to get an insight into each others operational philosophies and work cultures. This will greatly enhance the understanding of our Air Force to operate in scenario involving state of the art technologies”.

In a written brief to the participating aircrew, Air Marshal LK Malhotra, Senior Air Staff Officer of the Eastern Air Command said “This exercise will prove to be a boon for both the nations to fine tune their procedures for multi-national operations, which are likely to happen with greater frequency in future. It will help fine tune tactics for large force engagements and also share each others experience to hone up the skills even more”.

During the exercise Indradhanush, specific emphasis will be on exposing more IAFs aircrew and controllers to missions like Large Force Engagements, and protection of High Value Aerial Assets roles routinely undertaken by RAF as apart of coalition/expeditionary force deployment around the globe. It will be for the first time that IAF AWACS will participate in a joint AF exercise. The other novel exposure is expected to be logistical management needed to move large forces for a possible out of area contingency.

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