Georgian missile boat sunk by Russian navy

Russian Ministry of Defence release says that today, in the vicinity of Russian warships patrolling off the coast of Abkhazia, four Georgian fast missile boats violated the declared security zone and did not respond to warnings. The Russian ships fired on board artillery resulting in sinking of one Georgian Missile boats and the other three turned and fled in the direction of Poti.

At 16:00 CET on 9 August the Russian Navy ships had begun patrolling of maritime spaces off the coast of Abkhazia, near the zone of armed conflict in South Ossetia. Russian release says that the Georgian side was notified.

In order to prevent armed incidents in the area the Russian warships started patrolling the security established zone. Russian says that these actions do not aim to establish naval blockade of Georgia.

The presence of Russian Black Sea Fleet ships off the coast of Abkhazia needed to make the situation in South Ossetia not repeated in the region, said Deputy Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grigory Karasin.



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