‘Eye-worn Cameras’ introduced to keep a watch on Traffic Lawbreakers


Cyberabad Traffic Police (CTP) launched ‘eye-worn cameras’ on Friday for the first time in the country after the introduction of body worn cameras launched two years ago for traffic officers in Hyderabad.
By issuing 7 eye worn cameras for traffic officers, Hyderabad Police commission CU Anand launched the initiative. This will be used during enforcement work under its smart policy initiative.
These cameras are the advantage of capturing pictures as they are seen by the eye of a traffic officer. This is made possible as they are worn as goggles and are fixed to the right side of the frame.
A release from Cyberabad police said “this is the first time any police force is using eye worn cameras on duty. They are sturdy and have recording facility for both audio and video with a 32 GB internet memory which can record up to 22 hours continuously”
75 more such cameras have been procured Cyberabad police. These are to be used in addition to the 25 body-worn cameras by the traffic cops and enforcement officers while working to capture the interaction with public.
It’s said to supplement the existing video and digital cameras every day. The footage is also recorded and fed into the police station computers. It also said apart from keeping a watch on the conduct of the traffic volunteers, this camera as it is worn on the body will prevent allegations of bad or suspicious behavior on the part of the police officers.
The release said that the tabs have been distributed to all enforcement officers already. Kit bags containing shoe, water bottle, sunglass, nose masks, reflective jackets and raincoat were handed over to the traffic police personal in their line of function and are continually exhibited to different elements of the wither as well as pollution. The release added that this will help around 1000 personal discharge their duty better under the Cyberabad police commissioner and at the same time it will offer some relief to them from the exposure.

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