Enirca Lexie : Indian Naval forces react quick

Mumbai: Indian Naval forces were quick to react when Italian marines from Italian crude carrier Enirca Lexie shot dead two Indian fishermen. Indian Coast Guard was quick to sense, identify and apprehend the erring ship (Read : Coast Guard locates merchant ship ‘Enrica Lexie’ that killed two fishermen). ICGS Samar, ICGS Lakshmibhai and an aircraft were the first to pursue the ship. Indian Navy was quick to send INS kabra, a Fast Attack Craft.

Images: ICGS Samar escorts Crude Carrier Enrika Lexie and ICGS Lakshmi Bai escorts Crude Carrier Enrika Lexie

This incident has taken the nation by surprise. It shows that Indian Naval forces joint planning, exercises and their efforts towards building relations with the fishermen have borne fruit. Navy and Coast Guard are no slackers. Incidents like MV Alondra Rainbow : a hijacked ship taken back by Indian navy, the constant busting of Somali Pirate’s and anti piracy patrols have earned them a reputation.

Coincidentally, in June 2011, Vice Admiral Sushil, during INS kabra induction, underscored the importance of relatively smaller ships like Fast Attack Crafts for a blue water Navy stating that these are essential inventory in peacetime, for Low Intensity Conflicts and anti piracy operations.

However, the same month The Naval forces reputation was dented as Cargo vessel M V Wisdom floated towards Mumbai coast without being noticed. INS Kabra was not just there at the scene, but also determined that Enirca Lexie was not fired upon by the fishermen as claimed by the Italian servicemen.

Navy, which has an overall responsibility of Indian coast and sea, and the Coast guard deserve three cheers: Hip Hip Hurray!

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  1. Awadhesh kumar

    Good show by the IN and CG. This incident was near the Indian coast. We must develop the capability to ensure this kind of action in our entire area of influence. After all this is the INDIAN Ocean.

  2. Gerome

    Great show by Coast Guard and Indian navy. I want to add an less known fact. Even the Coastal police from Neendakara in Kollam District has to be thanked. They were the first one to report the incident to the ICG.

    You are pin point on how the chain of command is working with excercises and local contacts. It was an temendous show by “Indian naval forces,” as you aptly put it.

    Hopefully, this will deter the baddies out in the IOR.

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