Enhanced Paveway II 500-pound GBU-49 integrated on Canada’s CF-18 Hornet strike aircraft

The Canadian military and Raytheon Company have completed a joint venture that integrated the combat-proven Enhanced Paveway II 500-pound GBU-49 on Canada’s CF-18 Hornet strike aircraft.

The effort took less than 90 days and culminated in the successful employment of four weapons, which were dropped during the U.S. Air Force’s Weapon System Evaluation program. This marked the first time a GPS-guided weapon was employed by a Canadian CF-18.

“EP II will provide a much needed capability to the fighter force by providing a precise and flexible option to meet the challenges of the modern battlespace,” said Maj. Paul Frigault, officer commanding of the Canadian operational test and evaluation effort responsible for evaluating the GBU-49. “This is a milestone for the Canadian Forces in demonstrating the ability to deliver precision munitions through clouds.”

Enhanced Paveway II has successfully been used in combat by the U.K.’s Royal Air Force during Operation Southern Watch and Operation Enduring Freedom.



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