Dish TV introduces Dish truHD+ with unlimited recording capacity

New Delhi: Dish TV India, direct-to-home service provider, has introduced Dish truHD+ with an unlimited recording capacity, at a price of Rs. 2690 for the consumers. Dish truHD+ is compatible with any USB device enabling plug and play of an existing USB stick/ HDD.

Dish truHD+ has HD and DVR features and the price of 2690 includes the new Dish truHD+ box along with one month Dish truHD Royale Pack. As a promotional offer Dish TV is providing a 4 GB USB drive free to get the user accustomed to the concept of plugging an external device to use the recording features. The DVR features include Record, rewind, forward, pause live TV etc. Time based and event based recording is also available.

R.C Venkateish, Chief Executive Officer, Dish TV India said “Whilst most DVR’s charge a premium, our idea is to expand the DVR market by making it accessible at the price of a normal HD box. Furthermore, this box lends a huge advantage over other DVR’s in the market by offering “unlimited recording capacity”. This is possible due to a breakthrough technology that enables any external storage device to be plugged into the USB port of the Dish truHD+ box.

Anjali Malhotra, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Dish TV India, said that, If one were to compare this box with other DVR’s in the market, the Dish truHD+ box would stand a huge price advantage at an unmatched price of Rs.2690/- against the usual cost 5k to 6k, whilst it matches them feature for feature”!

Dish truHD+’ dual advantage of HD and DVR enables picture quality of 1080i, 16:9 picture format with 5.1 surround sound. It comes equipped with the latest MPEG4 technology. In addition to this the same box is used as DVR as well by a simple “plug-n-play” through an external USB device. This enables all benefits of a traditional DVR like recording and playing back programs, Pausing or Rewinding live TV, different play-back positions, event based recording (EBR), time based recording (TBR) and so on.

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