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India Army, Air Force conclude Exercise Sarvada Vijay 2014 to test air-land battle concept

Vice chief of Air Staff, Army Commander South Western Command and officers reviewing pivot action

New Delhi: Indian Army conducted exercise ‘Sarvada Vijay’ on 03 and 04 May 2014 in Western Rajasthan. Air Matshal RK Sharma ​ Vice Chief of Air Staff and​ Lt Gen Arun Kumar Sahni​ Army C​ommander South Western Command ​visited the ​military training exercise area​. Exercise Sarvada Vijay is being conducted as part of routine training […]

Indian Army’s Inland Water Transport operational unit of Engineer’s save man from drowning in Hooghly river

Indian Army's Inland Water Transport Vessel - Survey Boat - in Hoogly River

Kolkata: Alert jawans on duty at a mooring station of the Army’s ‘Inland Water Transport’ operational unit of Engineers near Dakshineswar, saved the life of a drowning man from Hooghly on Sunday. The man, who later identified himself as Nagesh Singh from Barrackpore had fallen off the Bally bridge near Dakshineswar temple. The jawans — […]