Big Boss 4 : Shweta Tiwari is the winner

The finals was very colorful. Sara Khan didn’t want to talk about her marriage. Jor Ka Jhatka Jhor se lega. Aanchal Kumar received the Big Boss Silencer award. She put up a very good dance. Hrishant Goswami got Chabibaaz award. Manoj Tiwari and Salman Khan got into an argument. Manoj performed a great dance. Sameer Soni received Aalsi award. mein Hun Mein award went to Veena Malik. She danced to popular Sheila Ki jawani tune. This time the fatigue of seeing Veena Malik was less. Hopefully it will be some time before we see her and by that time the fatigue would have worn out to least. By the way, is she looking at least 10 years older than when she came in?

Bejan Daruwalla predicted that Shweta Tiwari or Dolly Bindra will win. He predicted that Salman Khan will host next Big Boss show too. Kan Khau award went to Sara Khan. Drama Baaz award went to Manoj Tiwari.

Dolly Bindra is the Third runner winner up.
Ashmit Patel is the second winner up.
The great Khali is the first winner up.
Shweta Tiwai is the winner

Runners up will get a Suzuki motor bike. Shweta gets Rs 1 Crore.

Kangna Ranaut and R Madhavan made an appearance to promote movie Tanu weds Manu.

Chak Dhoom Dhoom promo was aired in the show. Sameer Soni recieved Chevrolet-Cruz for being the bold and stylish.

It was amazing to see the crowd chanting Shweta’s name. Shweta had said she will spend the money on her daughter. She was choking while giving thanks. Her daughter palak was emotional too. Her mother was so cool.

We thank all our readers for the comments and support. We will be repeating the performance in Big Boss 5. meanwhile, we will be doing the same with more realities shows and IPL 4.




  1. Shweta Fan says:

    Love you Shweta. You deserved it.

    Thank you Chikni Chakori. My compliments to you. You did a good job!

  2. yahoo, my vote counted. Congratulation sweta.

  3. aarushi chugh says:

    hey ..i am really happy to see her wining today…shweta i never met u …but my joy knew no bounds when i learnt that u win the show..and distributed the sweets too..may GOD bless ur daughter…and may everything gets settled in ur life..u deserved it!!!

  4. Good call.. This time we got a lady as a winner. Shweta, khali, ashmit and dolly..yup this is the right order that public need.. I am pretty happy to watch two persons, most deserving though :) , as top two finalists.. They have done their best to be in the top two.. The only person who is not happy with top two wil be Here comes happy ending of yet another season.. Congrats shweta for your victory, congrats khali as well..

  5. Good call.. This time we got a lady as a winner. Shweta, khali, ashmit and dolly..yup this is the right order that public need.. I am pretty happy to watch two persons, most deserving though :) , as top two finalists.. They have done their best to be in the top two.. The only person who is not happy with top two wil be Here comes happy ending of yet another season.. Congrats shweta for your victory, congrats khali as well

  6. WOo HooOOOO>>>

    Love shweta.. <3

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. It was the best moment of big boss 4, finally audience ka shweta ke liye pyaar khoob rang laya… Thank u very much big boss we will miss u shweta… We will miss u big boss, please ask shweta to come back in the next season also, we will still vote for her and make her a winner again because no one is as entertaining as her in the entire big boss seasons…. She is an entertaining barbie doll… Love u Shweta n miss u too… Hope to see u soon in some other show.. Please come back.. We wanna see more of u…

  8. Jagminder says:

    Hello shweta dear lots and lots and lots of congratulations 2 u and 2 ur daughter palak. Really u r a very big patient jo dolly ki sari stupid battein jhel gai aur bade pyare tareeke se jawab bhi diye. Ap k jitne par mujhe wo din yad aya jab dolly ne first time apki insult ki thi and apne bigg boss ko shikayat k tor pe ye kaha tha kya wo dolly ko apki insult karne k le k aye hai…………………par aj apne jit k us baat kajawab dia hai. Moreover u r d 1st lady winner so again congratulations.sabse pahle ghussi aur sabse last main nikli. Gr8

  9. shweta deserves it… i watched every episode and she was the only consistant housemate

  10. i am know r u winner shweta tiwari



  12. dear shweta,
    i am very happy for you!
    i think you deserved it.
    my best wishes are with you.


  14. Many many congratulations Shweta….You deserved to win…You were the best at house since the beginning…I don’t know why some idiots had problem with you……but all z well that ends well…All the best for future..

  15. so sweet shewta congrets and u r very sexy darling

  16. hey,this writer is totally against veena malik.he adds comment to no other but veena.i m in love with her and you are the one insulting her again and again.your job is just to report rather than commenting or discussing personalities yourself.dont be jealous from her.if she is pakistani so what .it doesnt mean that u show ur negativity towards her.otherwise dont call bloody pakis to india.if she looks 10years older than she is then whats wrong with you.u such a frustrated and complexed man

  17. Shweta u really deserve it…. congrats:)

  18. mer pass shabd nahi ha ki mein kuchh likh paoon aapke liye sach aap nahi mera hamara vishwas jeeta ye khitaab ke jariye bahut bahut mubaraq. aage bi himmat na harna isi tarh.Lot of love for PALAK, tumhari maa bahut himmat wali ha.

  19. hey shweta imm relly happy 4 u n ur family love u lods xxxx

  20. i watched very epi of bigg boss n u wer awsum n u deservd it as i saw u in the finals love u xxx

  21. Great! Shweta won it..
    Congrats to U !!
    Fitting reply to Biggboss4.
    Sameer aur Seema k evictions ka badla le liya.

  22. very happy that Shweta won..
    at last, the horrible season of Bigg Boss4 ends
    I think Sameer Soni is real winner

  23. Shweta you deserve to win, may God bless you & you get all happiness in your life! Keep it up!!!

  24. I will miss you Shweta. Love you.

  25. i m so happy ,sweta won the bigg boss4 sesson.she truly deserved it…….and good luck for future .

  26. Asmara Agha says:

    I am so happy derserving candidate won. Many congrats to shewata ji. today I felt that big boss main sab fake nahi hai. But still i don’t get it how come dolly is a fourth finalist :) chalo shukar hai big boss nay usay nahi gitaya. I enjoyed alot to see true colors of dolly. How mean she is gab tak matlab tha khali ko use kia aur akhair main Veer gi gaya bhar main . Dolly waqai uraat kay nam pay cartoon hai. sab contestants ko chayay aik zoor ka thapar dain usay.

    Sheweeta many congrats we will miss you. I live in US and am addicted to big boss.

  27. mayur bharekar says:

    its the very very very good that the shweta tiwari is win the show i like shweta very much….!

  28. Sachin pahuja says:

    this is what i want from d fst day when big boss …….it seems like a dream comes true……..i m vry happy……congratulations nd luv u…

  29. mayur bharekar says:

    i miss u shweta be happy take care

  30. Sweta meri jaan mai regular BIG BOSS de show dekhe hai te mai har var tohanu vote kite hai.last var mai 100 vote kravae hai.l love you

  31. Afifa Qasim (Aligarh) says:

    Hi Shewta! Many many congratulations! M really vry happy u desrved the bigboss title nd 1crore, m ne apke lye bohat pray kri aur allah n meri dua kubool ki may god bless u my dear nd palak also may ur evry wish comes true 4evr Gudluck. Afifa

  32. ramesh kr. choudhary says:

    she is such a greatest bahu character so she deserves it

  33. shweta shweta luv u really uwere the only deserving person to get the many2 congrats.

  34. I love you Sweta. Very Very Good Result., Sweta Deserve it.

  35. tushar...! says:

    thnk god mera vote bekar ni gya…. :-@:-);-(

  36. conghrts shweta,from very first i thought u vil win…..coz u looked honest,helpful,caring and far from politics……..all d very best……………

  37. Pallavi/Manali/Tanvi says:

    Hi, Sweta, you are very greateful. We congratulate. We were watching BIG BOSS from the begining. We were confidence that you will win in Finale. Our request, pl use money for your lovely daughter’s carrier.

    Wish you all the success in you future life.


  38. Congrates shweta

  39. hey yahoo i m really happy to sweta win the big boss aweta i love u n u r really good mother i m proud off u yaar love u bye

  40. Bijaya Shrestha says:

    I was sure, sweta will be the winner of Big boss season 4.

  41. Dinesh Kirar says:

    Hi Shewta! Many many congratulations! M really vry happy u desrved the bigboss title nd 1crore, m ne apke lye bohat pray kri aur God n meri dua sunn le ! may god bless u my dear also may ur evry wish comes true 4evr Gudluck.

  42. Hi! Shweta aakhir tumne ye prove kar diya ki”sao ladha to ek pratapgarha”

  43. Dhiraj tiwary says:

    Dear Shweta, Congaratulations ! ! I couldn’t sleep the whole night. This is very first time i won what i like..
    During Bigboss seson-4 i became habitual to voting and not only me i made vote for you from all the office, market, relations and where ever i had my touch. Some times in the office i took the somebody’s phone and silently sent vote for you.
    And finaly i won !!!!!
    Love you………
    Dhiraj tiwari

  44. shweta rocks says:

    shweetaa twiwari DESERVED IT.she was the BEST.i love her….i will miss bigg boss season 4..a well and good season…

  45. congrats to shweta. Hope we all get to see some good performances in coming years. Good luck to you. Sushil.

  46. its really good to see a lady winner first time on the show she deserved it she kept herself very clean till the end

  47. rinki kumari says:

    hiiiiiiiii.shweta.h r u .mjhe pta tha tm hi jetogi gud job .love u .cong.

  48. Rashid Ali says:

    Shewta dear you are vwry lovely and deserved the WIN. I Love You.

  49. VInod Chaurasia says:

    Hi Shweta, Mubark ho nyi jit hr dam tum jito nye nye awards

  50. Shweta, congratulations. Thanks to Bigboss to have announced a winner who truly deserved it. You are a good woman. I am a single mother of two kids and i know how difficult it is to work and bring up kids as well. You handle trouble well so be that way. Be calm and patient for that is the only way to be. Dont know but I feel, Salman and you together rock. He needs someone like you who is mature and caring. He is a good man and needs care from heart which you can give.
    Wish you luck.
    I believe all the comments should be shown to Shweta so that she knows how people love her so selflessly and also to Dolly that how we hate her. She needs to come down and be humble.

  51. hi shweta ji Many many congratulations! dear lots and lots and lots of congratulations 2 u and 2 ur daughter palak.
    dear main aur mere husband yahi chahtey they ki aap hi winner bano.mainey to starting se hi apne hubbi ko bola tha ki meri sabse pyari shweta hi jeetein.aur aap ne aakhir hmari tamnna puri kar di.thanks .

  52. Hi Shweta,
    pahele to app ko dher sari badhai,ek aurat ho ne ke nate muje bahut khushi hai ke winner ka Taj tumhe mila,jo tumhara haq banta hai,rahi baat Gr8 Khali ki to woh kisi BB4 show ke mohtaj nahi woh Gr8 the,Gr8 hai aur Gr8 rahenge,woh ‘SHAAN-E-HIND’ hai.Gr8 Khali ke mojud ho ne se BB4 ko char chand lag gaye.
    Shweta app akeli ho ne ke bavjud jis himmat ka parichay diya hai uski missal yahi hogi ki har koi maa-baap duva me app jaisi beti ki umeed karenge,sab auratoko app par abhimaan hai,
    Phir ek bar congratulations!


    join veena on twitter

  54. Sweta u deserved it and u r nice

  55. dear shweta your dauhter is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute .humari aur se dher sara pyar dena aap usko.

  56. sweta u r so sweat dear i m so happy to hear this u won big boss 4 well done

  57. hi shwata congratuations i miss u

  58. Shweta,,,,,,love u so much,,,,
    we want u to win,,,,”””prerna”””won…kasauti zindagi ke khtm ho gye,,
    we hated dolly bindra,,,,moti, khadush,bhaisni,,she was tooo ugly,,,

  59. hi, sweetie, congrats. i have known you as mrs bajaj and mrs anuraag bassu.and as mrs chaudhary. you can share my surname if you want too. catch ya later. tks. R.C. FIJI ISLANDS , SOUTH PACIFIC.

  60. congrats shweeta God bless u and your daughter i am very happy to see u the winner of Big boss session 4.i pray u get success in every competition.Always be happy tc

  61. hiiiiii shweta tiwwri you so sweet
    and you deserve it
    i am realy realy very happy for your win in bigg boss 4 winner

  62. Congrats Shweta !!!! You deserve to win. All the best to you ….

  63. hi shweta…i m sooooooooooo happy that u won… i send u so many votes as u the sweetest among all… me n my family (mom,dad, hubby) everybody was so happy to see u as a winner… u truly deserves this
    m a great fan of urs… wish to see u as heroine in some bollywood movie with salman khan… luv u

  64. sandeep raghav says:

    shweta really i am happy you wine i send many more msg even in my phone or my frds , my wish i wanna meet you if you give me chance ok ji enjoy with you money if any party organize

  65. jagdish chejara says:

    congratulations shweta ji on being winner bigg boss season 4. i

  66. Yeah she deserves it.
    Even i have voted her not only me. i made my colleagues to vote her and they did it.

  67. i mss big boss

  68. dr lopa patel says:


  69. All the final decisions of Big Boss are highly appreciated

    1. Sameer getting the car
    2. Ashmit getting 5 lakhs
    and 3. Shweta being the winner [She is the best and deserves it].

    Only part which was left out was — no gifts for Seema. She was very consistent and cool. I thought she also deserves some or the other gift or support.

  70. DEBAPI DAS says:


  71. congrats shweta jis di maine tumhe baba ka naam lete dekha tha maine ussi din apne ghar main keh diya tha ki shweta winner hai main india main nahi rehti but maine ek bhi episode miss nahi kiya. mujhe bahut dukh hota hai jab mai dolly jaisi kisi aurat ko dekhti hoon.sachhi wo aurat ke naam per dhabba hai .big boss ke ghar main koi bhi ek member aisa nahi tha jisne tumse panga na liya ho shweta jo baba ko mante hain unke ander patience aa hee jati hai.well done,khasker RAJA kr liye aaj ki date main tumne apna nature,personality,behaviour dikhaker ye proove kar diya ki galti ussi ki hogi jo tum alag hui.meri taraf se tumko tumarhre future ke liye best wishes

  72. dipanshu kwatra says:

    congratulation shwata jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………………………….

  73. Congrats shweta & kali???
    U deserve it . and all the best for u r future?????????????

  74. congrates shweta……………………….
    i realy like u…………………….

    U deserve it . and all the best for u r future?????????????

  75. congrates shweta……………………….
    i realy like u…………………….

    U deserve it . and all the best for u r future?????????????

  76. hi, i am saqib naseem from pakistan .
    v.congrats………..shweta .
    i am very happy bcoz u are the winner….

  77. shweta iam very happy for you form canada

  78. i like you so much every night iwached now i feel bore now you are so cute i love you you are wondoful

  79. M L SHARMA says:


  80. sweta u r rock

  81. good job god bless you

  82. Amit sharma says:

    Sweta ji you did very well.i am your fan.

  83. Gaurav patel says:


  84. kaliwaal says:

    hi sweta tiwari very beutifull actres

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