Big Boss 4 : Sara Khan accuses Big Boss of being partial to Dolly Bindra

Today we saw a emotionally broken up Sara Khan. She blames Big Boss of being partial to Dolly Bindra. She is not alone, our readers said that too. Big Boss steps in. He clarifies that Dolly Bindra was back by public choice. Dolly reveals that she had been forced into the house by public. She said only a one or two did not want her in. Sara apologies to Big Boss.

Sara has a tiff with Asmit Patel. Ashmit’s classes have backfired. As usual, Veena Malik, the other voice of Ashmit Patel is on auto pilot. Veena’s two faces were shown as once she was venting lava against Sara. Today, we saw Veena telling Sara that herself and Ashmit don’t have an issue if Sara has voted against her. Fortunately, we did not see her and Ashmit meaningless arguments and hugs and we did not have to use the mute button. But Veena’s, the “I am this and that…. like I am sexy, good looking etc” routine was there again.

Housemates are shocked that Dolly in in as a competitor and not as a guest. Sameer Soni too got shocked that Dolly is as famous as him.




  1. bb4 viewer says:

    as a regular viewer i also want to know where did bigg boss conduct this poll of getting dolly back..

  2. Veena is a B* Please Please PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT VOTE for her. I want that Pakistani slut out of the house as soon as possible. She is bringing dirtiness in the show.

  3. Bigboss is fooling the audience by bringing uncultured dolly. Sara is rational. Bigboss has disfigured the concept of democracy. It is promoting psychophants like Veena, dolly and khali. It is disgusting

    it is fooling people by disfiguring democracy; sara is rational and right; bigboss is ploting to drive sara away; bigboss is a parochial fellow and nasty attitude, jatin das

  4. What sara says is right. Big boss is showing partiality. Only Sameer has the guts to say as usual. All the others are hypocrites. Thought shwetha will say the truth. Maybe Dolly would have come throught votes but not because she is good or confident as veena says, because she is a big mouth and abusive. Veena is a total hypocrite.

  5. today big boss prove no one go against him, i stop watch.

  6. No you are completely wrong my dear reader. You seems to be fan of sara. Thats fine .Veena is not backstabbing. What ever she told that was told in anger. So don’t make us fool.If veena quis then i can say that show is scriptd and sara khan is saved by bigboss.

  7. big boss today proved no one go against them, i stop watch

  8. Sara is very much right, Big Boss is being partial with Dolly. Dolly has not come back by Public Vote it is purely by big boss’s favor.

  9. Big Boss is very partical to not only to Dolly but also Khali who is good for nothng in the house . . . . . Samir soni being a gentle man stood up for what is rt n got evicted but his entry was looking more like a favour done to him but he gave a heros welcome to Dolly . . . . shame on u Big boss every week people who feared the nomination most would contest for captaincy now why did u change the rules . . . . why is Sameer not given the chance to b the captain I salute Sara and Sameer for their honesty and bravery . . . . Big boss u cannot fool the viewes. . . u ve lost it again . . .

  10. So back to the question – Why is Bigg Boss showmakers supporting Dolly Bindra inspite of constant bad behaviour ? Because it pretends to be some kind of God, but supports and enables success of such nonsense (read TRP) creating participants -Vindu , Kamal Khan etc. This is not a show that truly rewards good character or anything of the sort.It’s just a ‘show’ after all.

  11. In this episode Big boss itself seemed pathetic… yuck show!!! i am done with this show.. b-bye

  12. Big Boss became Big Bully today. Sara’s doubt was genuine many viewers also think the same, and yes Big Boss’s partiality is very visible they are trying hard to Keep Dolly Bindra away from nominations . Big Boss is an invisible player in the house. They are playing their cards to make Ashmit winner and keep Veena to entertain him till end of the show.

  13. Bechari Sara sahi thi aur BIGBOSSda ghalat. The whole world can see BIGBOSS being partial towards Dolly ever since she re-entered the house. Kisko shendi laga raha hai BB

  14. Big Boss is a Farce. The whole show is a sham. Sara is correct in her statement that Big Boss is partial. This can also be seen when Big Boss would try to let the voting be in open and when in closed room. Also, it is highly improbably that Public would have ever requested Dolly to be put back in Big Boss. The way Big Boss has reacted on Sara’s true statements is highly shocking. Also, the participants are being evicted on the basis of Big Boss choice and not through Votes. Let the sham continue. This week Sarah or Sameer will be evicted. Eviction too is partial approach. Keep it up ! Big Boss.

    Comments from DUBAI, U.A.E.

  15. yes big boss is partial to dolly he is playing a game with everyone all did they tas very nice instead of givinng points to every one he only gv dolly the points, why he dnt show telecast of veena,dolly, they speek abt ashmit ,sameer,shweta,sara,seema big boss is playing for trp

  16. Big Boss… Where did this voting for Dolly happened?. We would also like to know what percentage of indian people would like to see people like Dolly in your show. About Sameer he has been decent enough to be back in the show. Firstly his eviction was unfair. It was again a partiality on your part towards Dolly. Keeping Dolly and Sameer on the same platform shows your level of Maturity.

  17. why she hv to say sorry it was not a wrong dolly is brought by cheating bcz achanl was voted by45 and dolly was voted by41plz big boss play as a real man dnt play for trp

  18. Sara is a 2 faced manipulator.Who changed the loyality towards the most promising contestants( as her thought)Shweta dee,group.and a true replacement of other 2 faced manipulator SWETA..Shweta very slowly and subtly puts her thoughts in others mouth;Sara n seema.


  19. Dolly is a big lier………….I really cant blv she was forced inside the house……..nobody wants to see her….n yes a lot of us think aanchal deserved to b back n nt dolly and big boss is definitely saving dolly bindra for wtever reasons…..n dolly can not evn come an inch nearer to sameer so plz ask her to stop comparing herself n hr popularity wid him……..n saras doubts r right……n plz throw d despo veena out….we r tired of seing her dramas…….she is nt sum julia roberts………….

  20. If Sara thinks that Big Boss is being partial with Dolly Bindra then she must not forget that it was only Big Boss who organised agrand wedding for her ….She got the previledge to stay in the secret room and inspite of being a jerk and backbitter.

  21. I think this blogs writer is anti-pakistani or something and always being negative about Veena. I can point out 100 negativities in other indian contestants but that is the difference.

  22. Sara khan is abso’ly right. It a shameful step taken by bb by puting doly bindra in again. Perhaps bb is not clear what he wants to do in this show.

  23. Today’s episode, where Big Boss confronted Sara in front of all other house mates was unnecessary. She could’ve been called in the confession room too. Big Boss is setting the scene for ousting Sara and all this was for TRP’s. What a stupid way to boost TRP’s. Really Sad that BB cant boost TRP’s with Dolly’s madness so they are trying to fuel discontent this way. What a Sick television series, especially the Indian version and this particular season.
    Whoever thought of this, I would like to know if he/she has the guts to be in Sara’s shoes. She is really a brave girl.

  24. PPoor Sara!!! Big Boss Shame ON YOU!!! you are partial and you also mislead the audience. What happened to Sara was totally uncalled for.
    She could’ve been called in the confession room too. Big Boss is setting the scene for ousting Sara and all this was for TRP’s. What a stupid way to boost TRP’s. Really Sad that BB cant boost TRP’s with Dolly’s madness so they are trying to fuel discontent this way. What a Sick television series, especially the Indian version and this particular season.
    Whoever thought of this, I would like to know if he/she has the guts to be in Sara’s shoes. She is really a brave girl.

  25. After reading this article and watching several episodes after Dolly Bindra’s Re-entry I do agree with Sara and Sameer that Big Boss is being partial towards Dolly. as far as re-entry of dolly on public demend is concerned , I had organised a survey where i asked 5476 people about this issue and the answer I got was shocking. 2901 people said they have sttoped watching big boss after dolly re-entry, 1079 people said they watch this show only because of dolly bindra. Rest people said that they dont watch big boss on a regular basis but someone in their family/freinds watch this and they think this reality show should be called off air. After getting these figures it is hard to digest that dolly is still in the show on public demand and not for show’s TRP.

  26. Big boss is partial. Public vote gone to Aanchal Kumar on (official site) and not to Dolly

  27. yes, it was partiality by big boss. choixe vote was gone to Aanchal Kumar on and not to Dolly

  28. Sara is absolutely right about dolly and big cheater Big Boss chapter. it’s so funny when Big Boss preach about their so called Morals and try to make it sound very logical by saying it like the voice of Mahabharat Serial but they don’t understand that this way no doubt they will get pulbicity but in notorious way not in glorious way like We all know about some criminals but we don’t admire them bcoz they are notorious. so it depends on individuals what kind of fame they want. if big boss wants it in anyway then they are pretty successful.
    infact at the start of this season i kind of pretty much saying that this time Big boss would be more civilized because of the quality of contestants (except some) , I was really enjoying it until Dolly Bindra’s arrival. and top of it they have scripted Veena and Asmit stupid Romance that make me vomit.
    Big boss preaches that everyone has the freedom to express their opinion, then why they criticised Sara for her expression against them.. they really acted very immaturely on national Television.
    big boss is full of crap, lies , stupidity etc

  29. sara might go

  30. everyone in the house used to have the same opinion about dolly as sara but “sara fans gayee” and everyone gave manipulated ans when BB asked whether they agree with sara’s opinion.
    veena is two faced.she is praising dolly for the reason ,she used to curse dolly earlier.
    ass-mit again proved that he is a biggest fool.
    why the hell sara is listining only “GOD knows” she better should have given a slap on his face.
    Maam VEENA if you think you are beautiful keep this secret with you only.dont let anybody else know about it :-)
    just look at ur face without make in the morning and this myth of yours being beautiful wiil be out of your mind on that very moment.

  31. Sara is right, bb is wrong

  32. Where and when was public voting done for Dolly Bindra to be “back in the house”?????

    Public DOES NOT want this ill cultured, bad mouthed, horrible woman who is BIG BOSS’s muse?????????. Big Boss seems to be as stupid, idiotic, shameless as Dolly Bindra.

    Big Boss has already decided that Ashmit will win. Veena will stay to entertain Ashmit. The whole show is pre written, planned and manipulated.

    BIg Boss is a farce!!!!!!!!!!

  33. For once i agree with sara that big boss has been partial to Dolly. I do not think Dolly was back by votes. I was just to increase TRP.
    Again the fit of Dolly was just a cheap publicity stunt.
    And I fail to understand how acome Veena is still surviving. Who votes for her.
    I guess if this show is genuine than Sameer should be the winner as that is what the public wants.

  34. sara sahi bol rahi hai,big boss trp badhane ke liye dolly ko laye hai,sameer soni ko is show mai winner hona chaiye
    wo ek achcha insan hai,sahi stand leta hai,bigboss aap ki chapluse nahi ki usne is liye aap sahi disha mai game ko le kar chaliye .nahi to ye public hai jo sub janti hai,aap ka show badnam ho raha hai.

  35. i also agree wid Sara..unnecessarily privilege is given to Dolly….would like to know when has d poll been conducted….Sameer is 1 genuine person ou there in house only he had d guts to support Sara..Shweta jus ignored wat she ws also part of….
    Sara shud not hv said sorry fr sayin truth…
    Sameer rocks…his elimination ws also unfair n has shown BB partiality towards Dolly…
    BB can fool contestens inside d house but not public..

  36. I watch Bigg Boss regularly even the repeat episodes and am not happy with Bigg Boss’s attitude this season..Its actually dictatorship where Bigg Boss is changing the rules of the game and blaming the viewers. Hey Bigg Boss remember that we the viewers make the show a hit so dont mess with us. Sara is right and I appreciate her courage to voice her concerns and Sameer once again by supporting Sara proved he is a gem…I love u Sameer…keep up the good work….wish u success in life and Sara u too are a darling! and how come I miss out on that lousy creature called Dolly Bindra…foul mouth….I hate her from core of my shoe…hope Bigg Boss gets our message…By the way when did this poll happen….must be a secrete poll behind closed doors :)

  37. why do you care people? if you are not liking the show, there are thousands who are still liking it. keeping everything aside , i don’t think votes actually matter, votes just give them money to keep running the show, they do what they think is right, in which they think more masala will be provided! so stop voting if you do!

  38. Don’t vote for Veena.She is crap

  39. 123indian1 says:

    Veena is surviving because is big boss is voting for her …… It is fake big liar (bigboss) decision to keep veena. Ultimately sameer should win the show and shweta should be the 1st runner up and only then this show was worth watching…… if not am not gonna watch any future seasons of big boss……..coz big boss himself is fake. For next seasons big boss change ur title as BIG CHEAT SHOW or BIG CHEAP SHOW……… sounds appropriate

  40. 123indian1 says:


  41. First thing – i am guessing only few knew about the polling for dolly bindra and other two people (per big boss). I’ve been following this show since first day and i never seen poll for dolly :|. For Samir, salman asked every house member if they want him back and so that was like up front process on other hand dolly bindra’s poll seems like totally hidden. I am agreed with SARA KHAN. There was lotta partiality with dolly since she got back in big boss house. Why big boss did not welcome that way Samir Soni as big boss did to Dolly Bindra????? What was so special about her?? Since the day she got into Big Boss house, she started humiliating Shweta Tiwari for no reason. She got into fight with every single person in the house. I mean any NORMAL human being could have same doubt as Sara did. And VINA, She is pure politician (notanki). Only thing is no one can see it because of her FAKE truthfulness and full tune entertainment :D. She is totally pretending everything and trying to be smart and god bless to Ashmit Patel. Well let see what Salman Khan has to say about the whole thing tonight. He is really really wise guy.

  42. Hey Sara, I hats off your guts to speak out the truth. Big Boss Since when you started changing rules for the house??
    Once again Sam stood up against the untruthfulness. He is the only guy i can see in whole family who’s gem. Sam you d man dude. hahaha Ass-mit Patel shame on you man. You will be cursing your self once you get out of the house and watch the whole season. You again proved HOW FOOL YOU ARE. Veena is only watching her back no wonder why that cricketer gave her hard time. She is praising dolly because of her own good. I guess Manoj said it right Veena is “VISHKANYA”. She can only spread poison no love. Big Boss I hope you reading all the comments. You think you are the head of the house but NO someway you are unfair to house member. Sara stood up and you shut her up as well. We want to see DOLLY BINDRA’s poll on EXTRA DOSE Episode. We want to see who else were selected to go back in house.

  43. Bharti Ropuk says:

    BIGGBOSS, really we all feel that dolly has given know the famous saying

    “Bina aag ke duan nehi utta”

    So as you are always right please do right this time also.

  44. Nilesh Vora says:

    Stop fooling with people Big Boss – 4, it is pathetic to talk more about Dolly Bindra….so far, we have never come across such a weird lady……and if it is public demand, please take Dolly to your home… but throw out useless people, who do not hold any past, the present is all what we are watching on Big Boss and future seems to be terrible for Dolly Bindra…… But good part for Dolly that you are in News….not for your good acts because you can never do good things in life….but people got an opportunity to see such people…but it is more than enough……kick her out now….kick her out this moment….kick her from Big Boss…..and finally kick her for any public appearance…….for life time…….just like court of law treats to the criminals……..just like we have seen some cricket player got involved in match fixing……….Big Boss please make some rule book, if the show is not scripted, better make it scripted but show something which give opportunity to learn good things in life. Dolly is other word for the madness….

  45. big boss……..


    Evict Dolly ………. Khali

    We stopped viewing this BAkwas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. BB4 is total fake.

  47. You dumb people! If biggboss was partial he would not have shown the Sara’s shit accusation. He would have shown some other regular stuuf, so you morons could not get the hang of it.
    Morons, just check your nerves.

  48. Well I would say this is showbiz, all this is crap. The show is decided, some idiot who owns the show is dictating the terms. There is not even 0% truth to this show. Just to make the show popular they twist it accordingly. So called voting system they have is also Bogus, do the show owners have a justification to how the vote system works. Any website where they track their results (Mobile services provides they recieve the messages through).
    And the people who are participating are wanna be Sharukh Khan, Katrina Khaif, Amir Khan etc etc. They would do anything for money. Ask yourself would the top most stars of India ever come to this show as the participants? One of the biggest popularity stunts getting Pamela Anderson, well majority of Indian population would not even know who she is.
    Lets talk about some of the participants, Aashmit biggest idiot who has no ethics and morality. Veena Malik self obsessed and complex-ed, The greatest Khali, the biggest idiot, don’t know who made him the champion of WWE, bugger can hardly move. Oh now I know the reason, the corporate giants have no more Miss Universe or Miss World to make from India as the market has flooded with cosmetic products, now is the time to promote body building supplements, well there you go make Khali the champion. And anyway the fights in WWE are also Bogus.
    Dolly Bindra biggest drama queen, not even one 1% truth to what she says. Well there is only 1 person who is genuine that is Seema Parihar.

    Jago India Jago……

  49. Juned, London says:

    You guys are missing the point. This is an entertainment programme made to entertain. It has big sponsors hence big bucks. The juicy bit are shown for 40 mins. If the editors are convinced that certain aspects raises TRPs (dolly) then they will put forward. Financial and business commonsence. Sara may not be weak but this is being edited to show. As for your votes, you just adding to the coffers. Anyway makes good entertainment.

  50. As a reguler viwer i have realised that the BIG BOOS show is not a reality show . and big boos is a big L & C. because i belive that the he is a partial with doly and also other person like veena malik , whenever veenamalik nominated with Ashmit, Rishant .manojt that time big boss gives special power to doly for portect any one person . becauese that bigboos knows that the doly save the veena. i cnat under stand the bigboos pllice , once upon time hose meber nominated than how can he save , this is not fair, and , nobody konws that the big boss doing a voting for doly bindra for her come back thais is a big quition mark for all viewer of big boos, so after all these i strogngly beileve that the such show and big boss his self is bool shit and big L


  52. Dr Rakesh Ranjan says:

    Call Manoj Tiwari back,

  53. Dr Rakesh Ranjan says:

    When Dolly is back call Manoj Tiwari back






  55. Please EVICT the 2 bhenc**dis, Sara and Shweta, and the show will get rid of dirty phus phus politics.

  56. Guys..sara will be kept in the house to prove big boss trusts in public voting despite her questioning Dolly,s the past so many other contestants have questioned but BB never answered , why did he cry aka answer yesterday?

  57. No doubt………….BIG BOSS is partial towards dolly!!!!!! Pol Khol then bol………who r d viewers & whtz d %……cn big boss declare it………..Big question Big boss…………..

  58. salmaan khan it is time you step down for your own sake and respect before it is too late. big boss is a fake show and I don’t want to see people(including me) loosing respect for you as well. if you want to stay in show then it is time stand up for right. and YES SARA KHAN WAS ABSOLUTE RIGHT ABOUT BIG BOSS.

  59. Yes its not fair enough .100% Big boss doing favour to Dolly Bindra to increase his TRP.From where polling was carried out to get in Dolly.she was miss behaving to all,Who will vote her.

  60. hahaha everyone is commenting on sara….why u all didnt put ur comment when sara had been kept on secret room….is that fair enough?????whatso ever big boss is doin its fair enough….sara should get evicted if not today,someother day but very soon….if such people are there in bigboss then every one get mad……..

  61. big boss is completly wrong who told that public want dolly again in BB actual thing is there is no TRP against KBC.cause kbc is hit again .and bb has no person to increse Trp of BB so they call dolly again .dolly show fully natak and sameer is good manoj is not bad but good at least then dolly sara told true that big boss do partiality.
    big boss galat galat galat he

  62. big boss is completly wrong who told that public want dolly again in BB actual thing is there is no TRP against KBC.cause kbc is hit again .and bb has no person to increse Trp of BB so they call dolly again .dolly show fully natak and sameer is good manoj is not bad but good at least then dolly sara told true that big boss do partiality.
    big bossdo ruined all manav adhikar cause every body has right to express

  63. I think the show is loosing its direction. Ashmit and VeeNA are constantly having fights over irrelevent and unimportant issue to gain screen time. We do not want to watvh Veen parading on the screen praising herself to glory. she is the person who should be evicted.

  64. Yes big boss has steadily deteriorated from being a fun entertaining show after Dolly’s entry and reentry. Big boss is partial to Dolly. The way they pulled up Sara is un-democratic…everyone is entitled to have and voice their opinion.

  65. Big Boss is partial

  66. koi dolly ke bare mein bola to use whi dus hunter se marna chayie

  67. bigg boss is right… its always been that way. T comapny was the dominating group, the gossiping group. the min dolly entered the house . they were against her.. speaking crap. if big boss wouldnt had favoured her she would had been out in first week itself due to groupism. and how can sara speak about groupism. if partiality is done .. its for her. even she was kept in secret room. her lavish wedding was taken place on bigg boss expenses. namak haram.

  68. SHARAD SAXENA says:

    You know what , Big Boss is just a waste of time . Big Boss says that Dolly Bindra is back back of Public votes. What a foolish reply. Who likes Dolly Bindra , the querlsome lady. who is having no sense to talk and to behave. IFFFFFF the indian Public has voted for her , then forieihn media is right when they say , Indian ‘s are fool in general .So either BIG BOSS is cheating us or we are fool who believe Big Boss is a reality show. What a fun?

  69. NowIHateBB says:

    That true SARA is right we have seen the show and BB is partial toward dolly. 1st thing is why should she be Sultana of saltanat what ever.. and why should she not included in nomination for the 1st week of her reentry, and why she is given a choice to save one person.. Is this is to be happen when sameer is also in the same boat as dolly, he too re-entered by bigboss. and when he is back. he did not had any those special treatment by BB and he even been nominated for eviction. … shame on you BB.. trp ke liye kuch be karega.. Insaano ke emotion se khelo

  70. Bloody hell.. Big Boss is the real cheater. In the polls between Dolly, Anchal and Rahul, it was Anchal who got more votes. It’s still out there in That irritating Dolly is just in the show because of BB’s partiality. Dolly acted as if whole public was behind her, where as in every forum readers were against her and very few supported her non sense. Done with this show.. Good bye Mr.Big Boss immoral and dishonest.

  71. Big boss is not reality program. it is totally fake program, because i am not understanding how veena malik stay so long in the house, however many popular star like manoj tiwari,anchal has been evicted. Doly bindra only entered to increase TRP of the show.Although it is a reality program but many guest are regularly come in the house like pamela, ajay devgan , kreena, sara and ali “s family member even salman etc Sara is evicted bcz she know the truth about big boss. i would describe this show as FAKE FAKE FAKE………

  72. I watch biggboss on east africa. I must say that the behaviour of
    ashmit is very childish. He fights without a reason then on another
    instance he comes cosy with Veena. Thier behaviour is so
    rediculous that at times it becomes a little odd to watch this
    programme with our elders.
    Do they realize they r on worldwide tv. ???

  73. Ultimately samir soni should win and shweta and seema should be 1st and 2nd runnerups. And Big Cheat Boss should marry veena …… coz both like licking dolly’s ass ….. ASHmit should circulate the MMS of bigboss and veena’s firstnight episode …….. if all this happens, i feel it was worth watching bigboss 4. Big cheap boss some percentage of ur beloved TRP will come down ….. coz am done with watching ur bullshit scripted show. U were unfair to sara and U are unfair to sameer.


  75. I also feel that sara was wrongly evicted because she spoke the truth about dolly . Dolly was brought back only because of TRP and dolly came back because she wanted to improve her image. Everyone has a right to comment so why was Sara punished.If big boss s true than where was this poll conducted to bring back Dolly.

  76. What d hell s ds everything s preplaned.bigg boss4. I want to know,were u do polling.let me guess……is it ur family member.10to10,wat a calculation50lakhs.todays elimination.

  77. Sara khan eviction,big boss4 u r a fake,biggboss team is a shameless people team.salman khan u loosing ur respect. 10 to 10 eviction 50lakh wat a calculation. Paisa bolta hai.paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa


  79. Mohit Pathak says:

    veena malik ko jana chahiye tha. Sara is a sweet girl. Veena ne andar drama kar rakha hai jo dhekh dekh kar ham uub gaye hai .We are fed up to see the drama of Veena

  80. Big boss is so damn partial. i havnt seen any such poll for dolly bindra comng back

  81. Why is Veena still there she should have been out and not sara…I don’t believe that Sara got less vote than Veena. DO YOU BELIEVE?????????????????.Even before Sara said that Bigg boss is partial……this question did come up in my mind……Watch that part of the video she said bigg boss was being partial by giving Dolly the right to save one contestant..a power which no other captain was given,..she was made begum sultanate as soon after she re-entered, she was given the authority to nominate the captain too while those who were there from the beginning like Samir and Sara was not given a chance.She was given the points when everyone had to leave the task and see Dolly’s natak. SHAME ON YOU BIGG BOSS ….DO YOU BELIEVE THAT VEENA IS MORE POPULAR IN INDIA THAN SARA?????Are you going to protect her till the end with your cunning moves….TRP……right ……now everyone has stopped watching your show……Shame on you Salman we did not expect this from you.

  82. i dnt understant y people r voting veena malik. she shud b out of the show. she is a big fake person on dis show. she was flat on hrishant she is flirting wid salman n al time doing flirt wid ashmit. i dnt knw y asnmit is nt looking at her real face. always she is proud of her beauty which she is nt. she is vry ugly by heart so by face also. i was happy ven i heard dt she is out bt d next moment sara was eliminated. dis is very wrong. hope next week she get out of the show. she is such a big lier. i hate her n i think many people do dt . i dnt think dt veena malik is more popular den sara. this is al planning. Manoj is out, hrishant is out , sara is out n hw cme veen is still innn. she shud b thrown out.
    SHWETA is TRU n shud win d shw.
    I think bigg boss vil make veena the winner jo abhi clear dikh raha hain.
    Ab tak lag raha tha may b baki logo ko kam votes mil rahe honge bt kal ka eviction ws shoking. sara instead of veena

  83. zoya siddiqui says:

    Actually BIGG BOSS isn’t a reality show everthing is fake just for the sake of TRP Dolly Bindra is again in saying”Public wanted her to return “actually we are the public and we really don’t want to see her.It’s a shame on all Indians to watch and promote a lady like her on our National Television which is putting up a wrong picture to the world.

  84. Manoj Tiwari blames Salman Khan for eviction from Big Boss 4
    Written by Nikita Kapoor
    Wednesday, 08 December 2010 12:22

    The Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari who was a house member in this season of Big Boss is finally evicted from the house, however usually housemates evicted till now had problems with other inmates but never anyone had anything with Salman Khan, but Manoj Tiwari has accused Salman Khan and his brother Arbaaz Khan.

    It all started when Arbaaz tweeted – “I would try save Ashmit by sending a SMS”, and since then Manoj Tiwari is giving interviews all over media that Arbaaz and Salman scripted his eviction. Followed by Manoj’s comments against Salman, members of Manoj Tiwari Fans Club burnt effigies of Salman Khan in Patna; they also said that by evicting Manoj, channel colors has insulted Rs. 26 Crore Bhojpuri Film Industry.

    When FilmiTadka spoke to the publicist of Ashmit Patel, he said – “Mr Tiwari is singling out Arbaaz just because he is unable to digest his defeat opposite Ashmit Patel and probably feels the need to blame someone for it. If Arbaaz tweeted, what’s wrong about it?”

    We also hear that it was not only Arbaaz but various other bollywood celebrities had SMSed against Manoj, let us see what happens next in Big Boss 4.

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    Sizukeka 2 minutes ago

    Big Boss 4 is a totally stage managed show. There is nothing known as public voting to either eliminate or bring back contestants. Big Boss himself is partial and has no sense of judgement. Anyone who is critical of Big Boss will be evicted – and Sarah’s eviction proves that (though I must mention that I am no fan of this girl). Even bringing back Dolly I believe has nothing to do with public voting. Big Boss and the producers of the serial decided to get her back due to reasons best known to them . DOLLY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THAT SHOW. SHE IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE AND NEEDS SERIOUS TREATMENT.

  85. Big Boss 4 is a totally stage managed show. There is nothing known as public voting to either eliminate or bring back contestants. Big Boss himself is partial and has no sense of judgement. Anyone who is critical of Big Boss will be evicted – and Sarah’s eviction proves that (though I must mention that I am no fan of this girl). Even bringing back Dolly I believe has nothing to do with public voting. Big Boss and the producers of the serial decided to get her back due to reasons best known to them . DOLLY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THAT SHOW. SHE IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE AND NEEDS SERIOUS TREATMENT.

  86. Dolly came d house just bcoz of b’boss favor not from public vote everybody hates her.only sami nd shweta is real person in this house other are bakwas.

  87. Dolly does not deserve to be only this even any show.b’boss so partial for her just bcoz of TRP.only samir nd shweta is real person in this house.all the best both of them..

  88. fake show

  89. i think sara was right. big boss is doing partiality note only by sending dolly in but he has eleminated sara not because of public voting but because she spoke against big boss as she cant receive votes less than veea.

    I watched big boss bcozz of sara now i m not going to watch it

  90. Some of my dear friends have said that sara too was given exclusive priviledge of staying in secret room. It was a well-planned strategy to push TRPs. Dear friends, if you can recall, whn Sara was kept at Secret room, the presumed love-affair was on between Sara n Asmit. A couple of days before Sara’s first eviction, during a task based on Diwali, Asmit n Veena were seen cosying up in a blanket at night. Every one including Big Boss sensed what was bound to happen next. BB realised that so took Sara back for a couple of days…. She was shown everything what was happening between Asmit and Veena. Sara was taken out only to give space to Veena-Asmit to develop their intimacy.
    When they came close, Sara was put back in the house. BB expected Sara to blast leading to high TRPs bt it did not work bcoz Sara handled it wid extreme ease. It was just a trick of BB.
    Roping in Dolly in the show was nothing different bt the same …, BB was very much aware of Shweta-Dolly personal conflict n that’s why Dolly was chosen as wild-card entry…. It proved TRP raiser as we all saw… It is useless to abuse Dolly n anyone else… BB knows what pushes TRP. Bringing in Khali too was just a step ahead in this direction bt that too did not work. Khali diet was a big issue, bt it was settled down very soon leading to BB’s disappointment somewhere.
    Dolly was for sure asked to creat chaos in House n her confidant voice after entering house was its proof. Now her comeback in the show has proved the point again.

  91. everyone is aware now that BB is scripted and fake or how could sara have got lesser votes than veena its next to impossible we are fed up of watching only footage of veena please throw her out

    anyways who cares i have stopped watching this disgusting vulgar show

    ashmit when will you release your and veena mms

  92. Big Boss 4 is a totally stage managed show. There is nothing known as public voting to either eliminate or bring back contestants. Big Boss himself is partial and has no sense of judgement. Anyone who is critical of Big Boss will be evicted – and Sarah’s eviction proves that (though I must mention that I am no fan of this girl). Even bringing back Dolly I believe has nothing to do with public voting. Big Boss and the producers of the serial decided to get her back due to reasons best known to them . DOLLY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THAT SHOW. SHE IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE AND NEEDS SERIOUS TREATMENT

  93. ake show

  94. Bigboss is fooling the audience by bringing uncultured dolly. Sara is rational. Bigboss has disfigured the concept of democracy. It is promoting psychophants like Veena, dolly and khali. It is disgusting

    it is fooling people by disfiguring democracy; sara is rational and right; bigboss is ploting to drive sara away; bigboss is a parochial fellow and nasty attitude, jatin das

  95. Sejuti Roy says:

    Sara Khan had only voiced the doubt of the entire audience when she had questioned the truth behind Dolly Bindra’s re-entry into the show, and as expected, Samir Soni was the only ‘real’ gentleman to have courage enough to re-assert Bigg Boss’s attitude of partiality towards Dolly. As a result, Sara is thrown out by the ‘Boss’ and Samir snubbed by Salman Khan. The audience is neither blind nor a fool! Samir on his re-entry was never given the ‘special treatment’ that Dolly got. And mind you, he had stood up for a chivalric cause, while Dolly acted like a celebrated lout wrecking havoc in the whole house. She comes in and becomes that Sultana shit, makes Samir her ‘khaansama’ serving her, is saved from the first week’s nomination (Samir got no such immunity and even got nominated following re-entry), is given the power to save one nominated housemate-saves another Queen of Fakedom Veena, given 600 points for her secret task, while all the housemates who also performed that ridiculous task, get a 0 budget. Finally (so far), Dolly is almost pushed a step forward to continue as captain the second week in a row! What is all this damn favouritism by Bigg Boss??? Does that ‘creep’ think an intelligent audience understands nothing??? Fanning Dolly’s garbage on one hand, and those wretched cheap publicity seekers- Ashmit and Veena, on the other. This is just the way the Great Bigg Boss is playing with his honest contestants and an honest audience! Sara deserves to come back and Samir Soni deserves to win the show ultimately!!! But that is only if Bigg Boss 4 has even an iota of honesty about it and is not merely a goddamn scripted show!!! Rise up people! See for yourselves!!! Speak out!!!

  96. Bigg Mouse no Boss says:

    Bigg Boss really u r not Boss u r onlny????????????????/

    I cant say

  97. Bigg Mouse no Boss says:

    u r not boss u r only mouse

  98. as a viewer i just want to know when did big boss asked to people about dolly that should dolly bring in house back or not.
    big boss says that she came on people demand,but question is where did big boss asked janta on television newspaper or where.
    janta also demanding other contestants.
    can big boss bring them back!!!!!!!
    big boss is partial.
    sara was true in her point
    except sara and sameer nobody has gut to speak the truth.

  99. sweta patel says:

    veena please stop thing that you are beautiful………………….please hardly request .
    and BB what happened sach ka samna nahi kar paye kya??????????????

  100. bigboss is partial.BiGBOSS wants veena to be there till end.we all know.its all fake show..its better not to waste time watching this show.

  101. i dont like anyone in this show all are fake no one is genuine eviction is also scripted i like only samir i dont know how much he is genuine but he is decent man

  102. i feel samir soni is the right person to win the game…

  103. I think Big boss is partial to Dolly, because:
    1) First he said vote in pairs
    2) As Khali knew that ashmit is immune from voting, he wouldn’t have voted against him(pair)
    3) he took only khali’s vote, everyone knows he would have never voted dolly.
    4) so by default samir and seema were his nominations

  104. Even i agree with Sara. now it proved. who agreed with sara got nominated this week. Big boss is tooooo partial. He proved it by giving a new task making pairs of his choice.(Earlier he used tell participants to make pairs) now he did it so that he can nominate those who raised voice against partiality. As long as Veena and Dolly in big boss we need not watch this show. I a big fan of Salman, now feel very bad for him as he also spoils his name thru this show. We have better option to watch JDJ or Pavitra Rishta.

  105. Sarah was right..!
    Now see how Bigboss clubbed Sameer and Seema together to be voted out. What was the reason of making such combination ?? Why were they not allowed to make teams.
    If the stupid show says that are not partial , why didn’t they clubbed the teams from separate groups as we can see in the house.I dont know why every year we die to watch this crappy show which is all fixed.

    Same was with Bindu dara singh last season…Its a totally scripted show and should be boycotted. KBC is much better that Big Boss..

  106. Bigg Boss thinks wohi PUBLIC hein.Lol!!

  107. After 10 weeks of BIG BOSS Season 4 below is what Big Boss has to say about the reaming contestants.

    Sara Khan : Little P*ssy
    Dolly Bindra: P*mp
    Veena Malik: Pro*titute
    Ashmit Patel: Di*khead
    Seema Parihar: Kaam wali bai
    Shewta Tiwari: Noutanki Saali
    Kahli: Nothing great….. just a lazy pig.

  108. @ vipin_sbx : You must be perfect then,wow!

  109. Folks like Samir,Shwetha or Seema don’t deserve such Bigg stupid treatment like in this partiality-based show.
    Loser BB,partial BB,scripted BB. Thoooo!

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