Australian M113 upgrade project back on track

Australia today announced that the M113 upgrade project was now back on track and estimated to meet its original schedule and specifications within budget.

The Land 106 project will deliver 350 upgraded M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier vehicles with improvements in their protection, firepower, mobility and supportability.

“The M113 project experienced some well-known technical problems in the development phase, and it was feared these problems would impact on the cost and schedule of the project,” the announcement said.

The serious technical risks faced by the project have now been resolved, the schedule pressures have been reduced, and the project does not face cost pressures said the release.

The upgraded Armoured Personnel Carriers have successfully concluded a long and rigorous testing program and our troops are receiving a reliable vehicle that delivers increased firepower, protection and mobility.

Sixteen vehicles have now been delivered to the Army’s 7RAR (mechanised infantry). Another nine vehicles (six initial production vehicles and three pre-production vehicles) are being operated in training at Puckapunyal and Bandiana. A further ten vehicles will be issued for training shortly.

Production at Tenix’s Bandiana facilities is now being ramped up from approximately four vehicles per month to more than 10 vehicles per month to achieve the delivery of the final vehicle by December 2010, in accordance with the original schedule.

Under the project, a total of 329 vehicles are due to be upgraded to the 18 tonne M113AS4 standard, and 21 vehicles will be upgraded to the 15 tonne M113AS3 standard.

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