Artillery Combat Command and Control System SHAKTI dedication to Indian Army

“SHAKTI” Artillery Combat Command and Control System (ACCCS), a fully digitized, integrated and networked system jointly developed by Bharat Electronics limited (BEL), Bangalore, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) and Project Management Organisation (PMO) ACCCS of Directorate General of Information Systems (DGIS) was dedicated to the Indian Army at a function today at DRDO Auditorium, here.

Lieutenant General PC Katoch, Director General of Information Systems (DGIS) and Ashwani Kumar Datt, Chairman & Managing Director, BEL handed over the SHAKTI equipment JTO Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor and Lieutenant General KR Rao, Director General of Artillery. The function was attended by several army officers along with senior officers from Air Force, Navy, DRDO and BEL.

Project SHAKTI is the first among the various Combat Command Control and Information (C3I) systems being fielded in the Army. It is a network of military grade tactical computers automating and providing decision support for all operational aspects of Artillery functions from the corps down to a battery level. The system is also designed to seamlessly integrate with overall C3I grid. Project SHAKTI, thus will be the hub center of the fire power resource component of the corps combat potential. The major functions that the systems can perform are :-

• Technical fire control for accurate delivery of fire power at the right time and place.

• Tactical fire control for optimum utilization of available resources.

• Fire planning.

• Deployment management to ensure timely and speedy deployment to achieve maximum fire densities at critical area.

• Operational logistics management.

‘SHAKTI’ will give the capability to concentrate the Artillery fire power at tactical level with ease and delivering the decisive blow by concentrated fire power at critical areas to ensure victory in battle.

In his address the Army Chief stated that future wars would be short, intense and technology driven. To achieve a cutting edge the Army needs to take speedy decisions facilitated by situational awareness and decision support tools in a networked C 31 environment. Project SHAKTI has empowered the Artillery with that cutting edge through automation of all Artillery functions in was at all levels of command.

General Kapoor extended his appreciation to BEL Bangalore, Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR), ARDE for their dedicated efforts resulting in successful completion of the project.

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  1. David

    BEL was delivered “SHAKTI” ACCCS in June 2009 to Indian Army after four years dealy.Is the system is working satisfactorily or just a junk box delivered?
    Anyway,if this work right,by the time,others (Country) had developed much more powerfull system,therefore,Indian one is old & aged. India is fail to develop ultra modern 3G technology,there is no infrastructure,innovatiuon & funding,still sleeping under a tree,very slow moving country in global map.

  2. abhay

    It’s really very nice to know that indian companies are developing such a military equipment.
    It’s supporting the artillery to fire on a correct location successfully. Totally advanced nd tactical

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