512 Army Base Workshop in Pune to establish Armoured Recovery Vehicle workshop

The Ministry of Defence, Govt of India has floated interest to augment existing facilities at Indian Army’s 512 Army Base Workshop to execute overhaul and major repairs of Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) VT-72B and ARV WZT-3. 512 Army Base Workshop is located in Pune, India and has been overhauling T-55 tanks and ICV BMP I/II.

The ARVs VT 72B and WZT-3 are based on the tank T 72 M1 under carriage, powered by a Four stroke, 12 Cylinder engine. MoD is looking at establishing facilities for the overhaul of 156 X ARV VT -72B and 352 x ARV WZT-3, to include the automotive portion as well as the hydraulic portion of the vehicles which includes the crane, winch & dozer blade with associated gearing.

ARV VT 72B weighs 46.5 Ton with a V 46-6 , 4 stroke CI Supercharged engine. The engine produces a power of 780 HP at 2000 rpm with Torque of 3160 Nm at 1300 to 1400 rpm. It’s main winch can haul 30 Tons, auxiliary winch can haul 01 Ton and the Crane can manage 19 tons.

ARV WZT-3 is of 42 Ton class with W 46-6, 4 stroke, CI Supercharged engine. The engine has a power of 780 HP at 2000 rpm and a Torque of 3100 Nm+_ 100 Nm. It’s main winch can haul 28 Tons, auxiliary winch can haul 02 Tons and the Crane can manage 15 tons.

Both ARV’s feature Mechanical with two side gear boxes.

Based on the Detailed Project Report, the overhaul facilities would be established first, while overhaul facilities for ARV WZT-3 would be established. Once the overhaul facilities are established through a capable vendor/ Original Equipment Manufacturer, further overhaul will be undertaken by the Indian side.

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  1. parvee

    arv wzt 3 veh is a very nice veh and so user friendly but the aux winch create meny problems some time .i also opret vt72 hi is the maintnes friemdly veh. for more informetaion pleagse mail me ui

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