16 teams for Usha Ultimate Delhi-ght Frisbee Tournament

New Delhi: The Usha Ultimate Delhi-ght Frisbee Tournament began at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi with 16 teams participating. The tournament will run for three days from 16th to the 18th of November. Sponsor Usha International has invited Brodie Smith, international Ultimate Frisbee legend to India for promoting the sport.

The teams include Storm Chasers (Mumbai), Stray Dogs in Sweaters, Sexy Cats in Tuxedos, Metro Delhi International School (all from Delhi), Dream Catchers (Ahmedabad), Learning to Fly, DOD Ultimate (Bangalore), Sher Singhs (Chandigarh), Four Play (Chennai) and Flying Spirits (Pune).

International Frisbee Expert Brodie Smith shows his skills during ongoing USHA Ultimate Delhi-ght 2012 Flying Disc at JLN Stadium in New Delhi on Friday
International Frisbee Expert Brodie Smith
The tournament is based on a Swiss Draw format, which ensures that teams are ranked quickly according to their real strength and play close matches against opponents of similar strength. One of the unique aspects of Ultimate Frisbee is, both women and men share the same field, play together and make their contributions to the team.

Ultimate Frisbee is the fastest growing team sport in the world. Internationally, it is well developed, having rules and regulations to present a 60-minute, highly energetic and impactful sporting event. Apart from its competitive nature, Ultimate as a sport is fun and promotes cooperation and communication among youth. It is self–refereed by players and all decisions are resolved through a quick discussion, bringing in a strong spirit of sportsmanship, competitiveness and respect.

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